Challenge 8: Grandma and Grandpa and Death Metal

Hey Alex,

It was nice talking on the phone with you yesterday! I’m glad to hear that your office party went well and hope you’re having fun with Parker and his friends.

Like I was telling you over the phone, I taught a practice lesson to my peers on Friday and I think it went really well. I gave them a huge stack of comic books and had them find as many ways as possible to organize them. The lesson was taped, and in review I think my biggest issue is that I say the word “cool” A LOT. I also completed a project for another Education class where I had to make a website that corresponded with a hypothetical unit; I stuck with the comic books theme and made this site: The Comic Book Medium. If you’re bored, there’s a ton of hyperlinks on there to cool resources about comic books that you can check out.

This weekend Jessica and I cooked a ton. For dinners, we made a pasta bake and chicken enchilada puffs. We made eggnog and Hershey’s mini-pies as well, and both of them turned out quite nicely. I also went out to lunch with the percussion section today, so this has turned out to be a really tasty weekend!

For the challenge this week, I wrote a letter to Grandma and Grandpa Matzinger. I haven’t seen them since this summer, and they’ve sent me two letters which I’ve yet to respond to (#DeadbeatGrandson), so this was nice extra motivation to send them a card back and tell them how I’m doing at school.

I also was surprised by another moment of reconnecting this week when I received a text of of the blue which said “want to make a zelda themed melodic death metal band?” It was from none other than Ronan! He had texted me on accident, but it was fun talking with him about a recent Battle of the Bands he was in and his plans to make a video game themed metal band. What are the chances that he would text me during a week with such a relevant challenge!?

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well!



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